Saturday, November 1, 2014

Market WHAT?

In light of the readings from this week I wanted to do some costumer development before I went forward with selling. I needed to know just how much someone would be willing to spend and who my customer segment was. I conducted some data collection and asked around at work and other various locations concerning price points and interest levels. I cannot say that I feel confident at this point of my selected choice of business but I feel like it is a good start.

After all the readings this week I felt like my decision to move forward with customer validation was the right one. I want to make sure I can sell every single cream puff when I actually spend the dead president and move forward with this endeavor. I was able to not only get pictures of my product this week but also some left-over clam shells that I will be able to use to sell individual cream-puffs.

Total Money Raised: $0

Plan of Action: I have made a flyer in Microsoft Word. I have planned out some different locations and individuals who will take these flyers and I expect to start gaining orders this coming week.

I have been trying to decide how I can better my "costumer relationships" for a start-up venture and the only thing I feel like I can do right now is make sure the quality of the product is good and that my customers are taken care of.

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